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Top 10 Big Data Solution Companies - 2016

With almost every industry leveraging the benefits of big data solutions, the insurance industry has also dipped its toes into these techniques to get a better view and control of both their transactional and risk management data. Big data is simplifying business challenges of Insurance companies by transforming processes, organizations, and industries to drive insurance pricing, claims and risk management. Insurers can successfully implement greater efficiencies and customer engagement by leveraging Big Data Solutions.

With the help of big data analytics, insurance companies are enhancing their claims processing and simplifying the process of assessing loss when a claim is reported. Insurers can take proactive steps to combat fraudulent claims through predictive analysis using big data analytics. Leveraging innovative data processing techniques, insurance companies can efficiently execute the subrogation and settlement process in a much faster way. The insurance industry has undoubtedly made progress in capturing the majority of the structured data from traditional relational data management platforms. Today, there is a growing need for latest technologies to tap into the voluminous unstructured data coming from various channels.

It’s imperative that the CIOs and CEOs invest in the right technology that can enable and enhance their business capabilities further. With that in mind, Insurance CIO Outlook has charted out the top 10 companies offering the most comprehensive solutions around big data to insurance companies. Here are the Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers for the insurance industry.

We present to you “Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers”.

    Top Big Data Solution Companies

  • Provider of a comprehensive expert claims processing platform

  • Prime provides the efficient and standards-compliant data warehousing needed to transform and deliver the data that can help your business succeed

  • Offers comprehensive end-to-end claims management solutions for insurance and fleet businesses, and property and casualty insurance companies

  • Provides smartphone-based telematics solution that combines ultra-low power behavior monitoring on the device with comprehensive driver analytics

  • Verisk Analytics draws on unique data assets and deep domain expertise to provide first-to-market innovations that are integrated into customer workflows

  • Modern Analytics

    Modern Analytics

    Specializes in finding the best business solutions for our clients through advanced analytics

  • Nutonian


    Provides machine intelligence application to empower business intelligence professionals to do the work of data scientists

  • Palantir Technologies

    Palantir Technologies

    Provides platforms for integrating, managing, and securing data with applications for fully interactive human-driven, machine-assisted analysis

  • SpatialKey


    Amplifies the value of insured data and expert content through unmatched user experiences and breakthrough geospatial business intelligence

  • Valen Analytics

    Valen Analytics

    An advanced data and analytics provider for property and casualty insurance carriers