Prime Technology Group: Driving Business Decisions through Data Warehousing

Sudhakar Goverdhanam, CEO, Prime Technology GroupSudhakar Goverdhanam, CEO
Insurance companies are continually seeking ways to improve their understanding of customer needs, mitigate risks at an organizational level, and comply with existing rules and regulations. Supporting these functions requires predictive analysis and enterprise reporting systems that can collate data from diverse sources into a data warehouse. However, legacy systems, outdated data formats and poor data quality can hinder effective warehousing. Wayne, PA based Prime Technology Group provides the efficient and standards-compliant data warehousing needed to transform and deliver the data that can help your business succeed. “Prime firmly believes in responsible data safeguarding and fostering greater transparency and accuracy among insurers,” says Sudhakar Goverdhanam, CEO, Prime Technology Group.

Prime empowers global insurers to transform operational efficiencies, through comprehensive leading-edge proprietary analytics and proven expertise in providing industry specific blueprints consolidated from multiple channels for insurance data warehousing. Prime’s insurance data warehousing solutions comprise of design models and analysis templates that enhance the quality and quantity of data gathered across multiple business functions. Using the company’s solution, insurers can capitalize on new and existing data warehouses to get their hands on accurate data to drive their business efficiently. “Our solutions enable clients to engage in making better data driven business decisions,” explains Goverdhanam. With the solution’s enhanced scrutiny, clients can quickly analyze fraudulent claims and isolate payments. This helps insurers mitigate financial risks and meet all key agency and regulatory requirements. Insurers can retain customers, cross sell, and gain bottom-line profitability through the solution. Alongside big data analytics, prime also offers predictive analytics to insurance industries.

Prime firmly believes in responsible data safeguarding and fostering greater transparency and accuracy among insurers

These solutions provide timely and accurate methods in extracting and identifying the hidden data patterns in complex business problems.

Prime’s Data Management/Architecture services help insurance companies to harness big data to become more customer-focused and profitable. “We help businesses assess, collect, maintain, analyze, and disseminate information using advanced data warehousing and decision support tools,” delineates Goverdhanam. Prime’s in-depth domain knowledge in big data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) is backed by a network of global delivery centers. Prime has successfully partnered with various organizations across multiple industries to help clients implement a risk-aware, enterprise-wide analytics strategy that will drive continuous performance improvements. The company deploys analytics solutions in a way that allows insurers requiring a onetime engagement or on-going assistance. Over the years, Prime has assisted multiple insurance companies with their data analytics. In an instance, an insurance company required to implement Insure Sync, a solution enabling data upload for agents and underwriters. The client was experiencing problems with quality, cycle times and deliverables due to immature software development practices. Due to the volume of testing involved, the client engaged Prime, based on its responsiveness and its offshore delivery model capability. Prime’s role in performing testing on the Insure Sync Application grew organically to the extent that it has effectively become client’s quality assurance organization of choice.

Moving ahead, the company will continue to focus on bringing profitable growth for insurance companies by offering leading edge proprietary analytics. Prime will vest its focus in enhancing the diverse service portfolio it offers to its clients by transforming their operational efficiencies. “We will continue to impact and expand our footprint serving diverse industries while transforming insurance industries,” concludes Goverdhanam.