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At the point when the matter of an association develops alongside the measure of data it has assembled, the need to leverage the data turns out to be just as essential. The insurance industry is no different in this regard. Business Intelligence (BI) and integration plays a key role in boosting sales and services, reducing overhead expenses, mitigating risk and complying with industry regulations. However, in reality, the utilization of big data can be potentially disruptive to numerous entrenched business practices within insurance organizations.

Headquartered in New York, Information Builders assures insurers enhanced understanding from structured and unstructured information through their BI, integration, and integrity solutions. The insights play a vital part in helping insurance enterprises fathom a portion of the businesses’ greatest difficulties. The company addresses challenges in the areas of big data and analytics, claims management, and risk management for insurance organizations.

“We are committed to help customers grow their businesses through the power of information,” states Gerald D. Kohen, President and CEO, Information Builders. In most cases, however, the organizations find this information inaccessible, untimely or unreliable. The company helps leading insurance companies worldwide to leverage their technology assets for maximum competitive and financial advantage through a fair range of solutions that they have to offer for the insurance industry such as intelligence, integration and integrity.

We are committed to help customers grow their businesses through the power of information

Information Builder’s predictive analytics gives insurers valuable insight into future business conditions so they can deliver superior products and services to customers while improving the way they price policies, boost profitability, manage internal operations, and detect and combat risk and fraud. Subtle, complex factors that can indicate fraud often go undetected during manual claims review processes. Predictive analytics aids in fraud prevention, conducting advanced analyses of patterns and trends in

Gerald D. Cohen, President & CEO , information builders innovative bi and integration solutions for insurance empowermentGerald D. Cohen, President & CEO
past claim transactions to instantly identify anomalies in current claims. Suspicious activity is uncovered and stopped before fraud and abuse can impact the bottom line.

WebFOCUS, their BI and analytics platform empowers organizations to make smarter, more confident decisions. The combination of WebFOCUS BI on the front-end and iWay software—their integration platform—on the back-end provide a unique, single vendor solution that allows organizations to deliver real-time information to everyone in their extended enterprise.

For instance, Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation reached out to Information Builders in order to leverage pervasive analytics to t r a n s f o r m business for their policy holders. Ameritas had a tough time measuring the genuine financial condition of the association. WebFOCUS provided them a cohesive way for 500 internal administrators and more than 5,000 policyholders to access, present, and analyze data about sales, commissions, customer service, underwriting, and actuarial pricing from a diverse back-end infrastructure. “Business users now simply select the content they would like to see and drag it onto their portal,” says Alex Tran, Senior Insurance Technical Specialist for Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation. “InfoApp, Information Builders’ self-service analytics platform, also allowed the client’s business users to Interact with data, answer specific questions, and solve unique problems,” Adds Tran.

InfoApp alludes to the pre-defined content—dashboards, reports, and mash-ups—made accessible to clients through a virtual on-premise app store. Basically, it delivers exceptionally interactive and analytic substance. For instance, information visualizations, charts, graphs and reports to users through an easy app store-like experience.

Information Builders has evolved with technology over the years and continues to deliver advanced solutions, transforming businesses in all commercial industries, government, and education. Forging ahead, Information Builders aims to bring itself into an overall stronger position and maintain high level of customer satisfaction as well.